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332 BKM

Machine for the cutting, handling, breakout and loading of sheets of flat glass.

The ideal solution for customers who want a cutting table that is compact but with great features.

  • Edge Deletion of Low-E coating with Vertical Axis Wheel operating at up to 80 m/min speed and therefore compatible to moderate edge deletion requirements.
  • The air cushion fan is directly fitted on the machine frame in order to obtain the max efficiency on the air cushion system. The shutoff system installed on the fan inlet allows the immediate interruption of the air cushion and, consequently, the risk of glass shifting.
  • The lubrication system for the cut can be composed by two independent oil reservoirs (tanks) so to allow, whenever required, the automatic selection of the different type of oil (e.g. when cutting Low-E glass). A special valve and the control software allow constant lubrication of the cut without surplus of oil at the beginning and at the end of the cut itself.
  • The pneumatically operated arms on the working table allow smooth tilt of the glass sheet. Engineered to handle considerable weights and dimensions, these arms are the ideal instrument to efficiently load and unload large sheets (Max 450kg – 992Lb).
  • The multilanguages control software, allows to manage all cutting cycles, machine parameters and create optimization directly on the machine’s computer.
  • The work surface is made of wooden panels covered by natural wool felt that facilitates all glass handling operations, thanks to its properties, that include:fireproof = safetyhigh density, which means no loss of air cushion for heavy glassantislipping for thin glasswith calibrated thickness over the entire width of the roll for perfect flatness, so no risk of glass breakages during cutting.