• sub11

353 BCS

Loading, cutting, grinding, marking and break out machine for monolithic glass sheets.

  • Hard frame made of electro-welded steel tubolar pipes ensure a working surface high rigidity.
  • Tilting or fixed working table.
  • With optional tilting surface, the work top is controlled by hydraulic cylinders that make it possible to reach the sub-vertical position to simplify the manual loading of the sheet of glass.
  • If tilting, the machine is equipped with pneumatically activated loading lugs, with “dead centre” cam and a pneumatic solenoid valve with bistable logic.
  • The lifting system is intrinsically save: in case the supply tubes are damaged, the movement is immediately stopped.
  • A perfect planarity and a drastic friction reduction that makes all the glass handling operations easier, are ensured by a powerful air cushion made by centrifugal fans fixed under a wooden plan. The plan is composed by natural felt covered panels, that are assembled on a pre – machined frame. Quick shut-off valve insuring the maximum air cushion reactivity.
  • The working table edges are made of solid wood to enable the glass manual breakout.
  • Wooden coated breakout bars assembly (option), inserted in the working surface, with pneumatic foot pedal controls located close to the relevant bar.
  • Cutting bridge made up of steel and placed transversally to the machine fitted with stateof- the-art motoring.
  • Bridge driven by motor gripping directly on pinion with racks system, with teeth facing downwards to prevent the deposit of impurities in – between.
  • A guides and transmission system fixed on pre-machined parts warranties a perfect alignment.
  • Head holder carriage activated by direct drive engine on precision racks and re-circulating ball bearing linear guide, in order to grant the highest possible accuracy. The following devices can be installed on the carriage:

    – Cutting head (included in the standard supply);

    – HP grinding head (optional “L”);

    – Easy deletion grinding head (optional “E” );

    – Labelling head (optional “P”).

  • The machine can execute any cutting, grinding or labelling diagram. The machine computer will optimize the path of tools in order to reduce the machine cycle time as much as possible.
  • Glass squaring electronic search.
  • Possibility of installing mechanical reference devices to position glasses that are not detectable with electronic devices.
  • Ergonomic and reduced–volume pulpit movable on independent wheels, that allows an easy access to the operator interface and safety commands.
  • Control panel inclusive of machine calculator (Personal Computer and C.P.U. with remote machine control cards on BUS-Ethercat) power logic with relative controls and safety logic.
  • The electronic control of all the parameters (pressure, speed and cutting acceleration, quantity of oil on cut, head descent time, beginning of cut head pressure delta, ecc…) is constantly ensured by the machine CNC. In this way we can obtain a constant an high quality glass cutting, which permits a good glass breakout.
  • Man-machine dialogue simple and intuitive owing to a software interface which takes into account all the glassmaker’s requirements (on WINDOWS operative system).
  • In the data input phase as well as in all machine operative functions the operator is guided step-by-step by the software, which helps him to detect any possible error.
  • Cutting parameters adjustment directly from keyboard with possibility to memorise parameters linking them to the type of glass making the use of the machine simple and intuitive.
  • Easy reachable and repositionable electrical cabinet and hydraulic gear case.
  • Among the standard functions: “Shape Scanner”, “ScanCad”, On Board optimisation software.