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Numerically controlled machining centre specifically designed for processing sheets of glass equipped with automatic tool changer.


Additional 4th axis can be added to facilitate a greater range of machining operations.

Compact Design

The compact design keeps floor space requirements to a minimum whilst still maintaining the capability to process very large dimension glasses.

CE Safety

The machine is fully compliant with CE legislation resulting in a safe working environment for the machine operator.


A main focus of Bimatech during the design phase as always been machine reliability and to use the highest quality components available.

Technical solutions

  • Retractable tool-holder magazine with 13 positions (+13 optional) are located at both ends of the machine.
  • Optical detection system of templates made from various kinds of material (optional), for importing into the CAD module (standard), by means of an integrated mechanical probe that will compensate for any possible problems of slabs calibration.
  • The Infinite rotation of the C axis (optional) enables extended features such as engraving, sawing with flat and cup type disc’s and lower and upper drilling operations to be performed.
  • Fully compliant with current Safety standards and paying continuous attention to the operator’s safety.