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DRILL 1600 – Vertical Drilling Machine


DRILL 1600 is a numeric control 4 axis drilling machine designed for producing holes and countersinks on rectangular flat glass with a thickness of 3 – 20 mm.

The machine is composed of four axes, X Y Z W, and two electro-spindles positioned opposite one another creating a dead centre system that drills perfect holes.

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The vertical processing of sheet glass has many advantages in comparison with flat processing. The size of the machine is considerably less than a corresponding flat machine and the position of the sheet glass on the roller automatically obtains the fixed zero point without error to the extent that the stroke is certain. Furthermore, horizontal machines must be perfectly even to avoid breaking the glass whereas with vertical machines, the position of the glass is naturally aligned since it is supported from underneath.

The machine can carry out multiple processing operations:

DRILLING: drilling can be performed with maximum speed and guaranteed high quality and precision also thanks to the rear mobile support.

COUNTERSINKING: can be performed in the front part either with individual diamond tools and adjusted according to client requirements by the program, or with accessories fitted on the diamond drill bits.

MILLING: due to the system’s high level of precision and robustness, milling is a quick, simple operation to carry out, and with multiple tools it is possible to obtain a milled, grinded insert in just a few seconds.

SKILLGLASS Cad-Cam which is a software that allows the operator to insert the works on a lot of shapes and designs, also by importing DXF files, which can then be used to create the program to be run on the machine.

The program is parametric and also allows less experienced users to design quickly and simply in order to optimise processing timescales and procedures.

Automatic Lubrication
The automatic lubrication system is composed of numerous lubrication points situated in the areas of most movement. A central pump regulates the continuous flow of lubrication fluid.

The constant lubrication of all moving components such as bearings, recirculating ball screws and areas of linear movement is very important to prevent malfunctions and blockages and to reduce recurring maintenance costs. The central unit reaches the lubrication points of the main line according to the quantity and frequency programmed by the operator. The entire system is controlled by the PLC and is therefore managed completely automatically.

Machine dimensions with rollers length 8200 mm x width 2800 mm x height 3200 mm
Min. size of glass worked 600 x 300 mm
Max. size of glass worked 3000 x 2000 mm
Min. thickness of glass worked 4 mm
Max. thickness of glass worked 20 mm
Height of work level 600 mm
Forward work speed 0 -15 m/min. approx.
Cross traverse – Y axis 2000 mm
Longitudinal traverse – X axis 3000 mm
Electrical power supply (standard) 400 V 50 Hz 3 phase
Total installed power of machine system 18 kW
Rated power of spindle. N° 2 of: 3 kW (4 HP)
4 kW (5,3 HP) optional
Spindle speed with internal cooling of the tool 0 – 6.000 rev/min
Numeric Control NC 1600 5 axis
N. of automatic change tool slots 8×2