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Lamina is the new the ACILITIES for the production of laminated glass : the the oven is composed of a heating chamber in which is provided for the housing of a floor or of a system for multi-storey to a higher production.  The sheets of glass are joined together with one or more interlayers of thermoplastic material (PVB) – which acts as an adhesive and separator – by means of a heat and pressure.

Before the trial, the sheets of glass are lavat the asciugat and i , to eliminate the risk of low adhesion and localized delamination in the product finished.

L in drawing up the sheets of PVB between the glass sheets occurs in air-conditioned environment .

They are then cut away the excess PVB with respect to the final dimension of the slab.

The slab then passes within a first oven where it is preheated to 30 ° C and calendered to facilitate the process of de-aeration , eliminating almost all the air present between the PVB and the glass sheets. In a second heating furnace the temperature rises to 60 ° C, to complete the process of de-aeration. The slab passes under other calenders, which complete the sealing at the edges and prevent the entry of air before dell’autoclavatura (making a visual inspection to assess the success of the process).